Here's a little bit about me.
I was born in the centre of Bristol, England and fortunately managed to avoid any trace of a West Country "farmer" accent. I spent more than three years in Bournemouth studying Interactive Media Production and, after graduating, working for a creative agency called Sideshow. I gained a 1st class degree, a lot of time on the beach and some invaluable experience of what it takes to deliver rounded, innovative and captivating digital products while in Bournemouth but the bright lights of London beckoned.
I moved to Pulselive at the start of December 2014 and have since been involved in several major projects, most recently leading the development of the Premier League web rebuild, directing internal product development and successfully delivering the AFL app. Have a poke around my site to see some more details on work I've been involved with.
Aside from the caliber to be a future star in years to come, Sam displays strong knowledge of his discipline, the ability to execute his craft to a high level and is a pleasure to work with everyday. Sam is, and will continue to be a unique asset for any business he works with.
- Joe Pecchia, Head of Development at Riot Games
Outside of work I keep fit (or try!) by playing football, running and boosting macho-ness in the gym. I love music and have spent too many nights in a flooded Glastonbury field (during the festival, not because I love waterlogged farms). I'm also a big fan of travelling and will always be on the look out for somewhere new, and potentially obscure, to visit. If we connect don't forget to ask me about the time I hitchhiked to Budapest from Bournemouth, or when I ran the Paris Half Marathon with only 6 weeks of training!


AFL Live Launched
January 2017
Internal Product Development
October 2016
Became the Product lead on internal product development for Pulse. Responsibilities include defining roadmap, executing delivery strategy and roll out of core platform for use by all clients.
Nike Ball Hub Launched
September 2016
Premier League App Launched
August 2016
Promoted to Product Manager
November 2016
Delivery of the Premier League website, elevated role within the company and ability to lead several major project simultaneously lead to a second promotion within 2 years.
Premier League Website Launched
July 2016
Sports Tech Awards Nomination - Cricket World Cup
April 2016
From 2.7m website users, generating 13m page views in 2012, the redevelopment of the Cricket World Cup site resulted in and increase to 47m unique users and 360m pageviews for the 2015 tournament.
Promoted to Jnr. Product Manager
November 2015
Rugby World Cup Website Launched
September 2015
BBC Predictor Launched
August 2015
Premier League Predictor allowing users to provide predictions on upcoming matches and compete with fellow fans. Embedded within the BBC Sport platform.
Brighton or Barbados Launched
March 2015
Ballot-based competition to win prize of a bank holiday trip to either Brighton or Barbados in partnership with Expedia and Carling. Submission process, queue system, reveal and itinerary all covered through adaptive website.
Festival of Rugby Launched
March 2015
Cricket World Cup Website Launched
February 2015
Joined Pulselive as Product Executive
December 2014
Graduated Bournemouth University
November 2014
Graduated from Bournemouth University with a 1st Class BA (hons) degree in Interactive Media Production with a letter of commendation.
Cuddly Kittens, Awesome Lasers & Free Food Exhibition
June 2014
Lead organiser for 2-day graduate exhibition. Created unique brand, website identity and undertook operational responsibilities.
Joined Sideshow as Account Executive
May 2014
Shortlisted for Creative England Funding
April 2014
Final year project, Align, was shortlisted from over 50 start ups for Creative England funding. Received special praise for idea and personal drive to develop concept.
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If you’re interested in working together then I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can.