Nike Ball Hub

example work from the Nike Ball Hub Project


The Nike Ball Hub was a partner activation with Premier League and was positioned to allow users to explore the history of the competition in line with the Nike balls that have been used since 2000. The build also acts as a driver for purchasing the current Premier League ball and to the Nike website. Integration of imagery, statistics and editorial content would be central pillars within an engaging, bespoke build.
I acted as the Product Owner for the build, ensuring the project stayed in line with the Nike branding and would meet the expectations of our digital partners Premier League. I was entrusted to deliver subtle calls to action to drive users to further Nike content as well as provide the visual direction for the project.
example work from the Nike Ball Hub Project


A set of deliverables were agreed with the Premier League that catered for internal stakeholder ambitions, the needs of the 20 professional clubs and our vision for the new web platform. The key objectives were:
  • Make all previous Nike balls available for users to explore
  • Drive users to purchase the current ball
  • Integrate statistics for each ball
  • Highlight innovations in the ball technology
  • Present the key features of the ball

The Product.

The final product delivered on all the key objectives and has since driven significant traffic to the Nike platforms, boalstering the partnership between the two sports organisations. The final build allows for further development with more plans to introduce video archive material and personalised content around the user's favourite club's experience with the ball such as key club statistics, top performing players and video content. I lead the development of the roadmap with new enhancements such as those mentioned queued up.
example work from the Nike Ball Hub Project

More Work.


If you’re interested in working together then I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can.