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I joint-lead on the Rugby World Cup 2015 website in order to deliver on our commitment to vast statistical integration points and the client's desire for continual global coverage. With an ever-growing fan base it was essential that the pinnacle competition of international rugby had an immersive web platform. I worked through the key focus areas, notably on an enhanced live experience, heightened statistical presence, full CMS management of the website (including homepage), a bespoke RWC Media Zone, multi-language across all web platforms and allowing for continuous access to the core Pulse Platform for the numerous editors tasked with delivered compelling content on the site. Due to limited video coverage available for use on the RWC digital platforms there was an opportunity to position the site as a companion to broadcast viewers, providing statistical and editorial context to live matches.
In preparation for RWC 2015 and the expected demand on the Pulse platforms, significant work was undertaken to enhance the systems. This required a good understanding of the internal product roadmap and how we could adhere to the client demands in relation to this. Heightened blogging capabilities, multi-language publishing, homepage control and improved UI were all part of the enhancements made ahead of the tournament.
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A set of deliverables were agreed with the Premier League that catered for internal stakeholder ambitions, the needs of the 20 professional clubs and our vision for the new web platform. The key objectives were:
  • Match Centre with significant data integration
  • Password protected Media Extranet with events, content and alert features
  • Multi-Language options for all web platforms
  • Enhancements to Pulse Platform to support above requirements
example work from the Rugby World Cup Project

The Product.

The development of the Rugby World Cup site lead to significant consumption of editorial, video and statistical content across all language options. Users could access the RWC platform in English, Spanish, French and Japanese across a range of devices thanks to the fully responsive build. The intentions of providing context to matches was achieved through careful integration of statistics across the site, particularly the Match Centre. Key events were plotted on a pitch map to provide a glimpse into where the action was taking place, the lineups list could expand to display a comparison of statistics based on the player's and a dedicated statistics tab gave the user the freedom to delve into areas of interest while providing information on top performing players and balance of play.
example work from the Rugby World Cup Project
The Media Zone acted as the central point of news distribution to the press and media for the tournament. Users could access information on press events and view a range of material published that was inaccessible to the general public. The Pulse platform was enhanced to support this restricted content functionality as well as multi-language support. Over 150 RWC journalists were publishing content across the 4 language variations over the course of the 6 weeks thanks to the improvements made to the platform.
example work from the Rugby World Cup Project

More Work.


If you’re interested in working together then I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can.